The Diamond Maker: An Extraordinary Love Story

The Diamond Maker is a tale of two teens, who overcame adversity and found love. Bart “Stutter Boy” DeMarco and “Ugly Angela” Curcuru are 16 year-olds who have suffered emotional abuse from their peers. Bart had battled with a severe stutter that effectively silenced him. To speak was to be mocked and ridiculed. School was agony, as were the bullies who delighted in taunting “Stutter Boy”. Angela emigrated from Sicily with her family at the age of 12. While she struggled to learn and speak English, mean girls recognized an easy target and dubbed her “Ugly Angela”. Unable to verbally defend herself, and finding no friends, she, after four years, accepted that she was indeed, “Ugly Angela”. That she was not worthy of love.

Man’s great weakness is his ego, Women, her vanity. At a moment when Bart was at his lowest, Angela appeared to support him and elevate his spirits, and he, elevated her. Individually, they felt vulnerable, together they were strong and confident.

That was the beginning of their love story.

One Man’s Hero

At the age of ten, Sicilian John Palermo was sent by his dying papa, alone and terrified, to live with the Amico family in Gloucester, Massachusetts. Accepted by a loving family and taken in by the community, John grew to cherish and finally defend his hard-working neighbors in court against those forces that would steal their rights and their dignity.

Following the death of his beloved wife, John struggles to continue his fight for what’s right while being a single father and finding comfort in new love. He’s not only recovering from grief but also a difficult trial in which he uncovered the secrets of his nemesis. But the fight is never over as now, a badly injured fisherman and young father desperately needs defense.

Despite personal battles, John finds himself back in the courtroom, up against a malignant, high-powered force that will do anything to keep its reputation intact. He must deal with a clash of cultures between Gloucester values and a corrupt Washington DC political establishment. Does this David have enough strength to once again go toe to toe with Goliath?

The Bastard’s Weapon

In this second novel in the Gloucester Trilogy, John Palermo battles his way through emotional and professional conflicts in this gripping tale by acclaimed author Joseph M. Orlando. Having lost his beloved wife, Connie, John struggles with life as a single father. His emotions are palpable as he wrestles with his devotion to his lost wife, duty to his children, and his burgeoning feelings for a new woman.

Professionally, John takes on the case of his nemesis, Captain Joe Amalfi, who is found floating in a life raft alone in the icy Atlantic when his fishing boat sinks with his crew still aboard. Amalfi’s emotional turmoil after this event is one challenge, among many, to John’s struggle to help the widows and children of the men on Amalfi’s boat, many of whom were John’s boyhood friends. As Amalfi’s condition worsens, John seeks to unravel the mystery of what happened on the boat that terrible day, sparking a gripping courtroom battle filled with surprise twists and turns and an ending that John could never have predicted.

The Bastard’s Weapon takes the reader on an emotional roller coaster from beginning to end, all set among the beautiful fishing community of Gloucester, Massachusetts. It is a novel for any reader who is intrigued by the power of love, the fight of the righteous, and the true human drama played out each day in the courtrooms of America.

The Shortstop’s Redemption

The Fisherman’s Son